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Dmedia is a true "full-service" agency offering a broad range of services in creative design, web development and 3d modeling/animation as well as photography and full video services including production, post production and vfx.

With a broad range of skills at our finger tips, we are able to travel throughout the entire creative process from conception to completion under one roof, ensuring that the integrity of every campaign is carried out to our high standards.

DVD Authoring and Replication

Unlike many DVD replication service providers, Dmedia operates a turn key video production, editing, and authoring studio as a complement to our core duplication & packaging services. This value-added expertise will insure that your DVD project is handled with care and with technical proficiency. From encoding and menu design to disc replication and packaging, Primordial Media project managers will provide consistent communication and a visually stunning final product.

Green Solutions for DVD

At Dmedia, “Going Green” is more than just a trendy marketing phrase. We take a great deal of pride in providing various eco-friendly replication and printing alternatives without a significant increase in cost. The Flex DVD is the only eco friendly DVD replication solution on the market today and the majority of printed material (paper & cardboard) we produce is printed on recycled and chlorine free paper with soy/vegetable based inks. We are proud to make these options available to those clients in need of an environmentally sound replication, printing, or packaging option at an affordable price.

Musician’s Corner

After a decade of producing promotional and retail ready CD packages for independent musicians, local artists, and internationally distributed record labels, Dmedia brings experience, insight, and (due to the volume of work we produce) a great price. We offer dozens of creative packaging options to assist musicians in “standing out” and can also assist with visually stunning creative design services. From the standard retail ready jewel case package to a 3” Mini “enhanced” promo CD attached to a t-shirt, we offer high quality final product at an extremely aggressive price.